3 intriguing bathroom trends for summer 2021

Now that we’re well into the summer season, we’ve been enjoying seeing a fantastic range of new trends emerging here at NPM Bathrooms – some of which we’ve been incorporating into designs for our own customers! There’s a whole lot of them to be inspired by, and it was difficult to narrow down our personal top choices. After much deliberation here in the showroom though, here are our favourite bathroom trends for summer 2021!

Designs inspired by nature

With everyone having spent so much time pent up indoors throughout 2020, it’s probably no surprise that bringing the outdoors in has been such a big priority for so many people in 2021. There are a huge number of ways you can go about doing this; bringing in plant life is just example, whether that’s in the form of a cheerful little daisy on the windowsill, or a larger peace lily to occupy an otherwise empty corner of the space, lending a serene and contemplative air to its surroundings.

It’s also worth thinking about the overall colour scheme of the room. Consider incorporating earthy palettes and other natural tones, from rich terracotta to olive and sage greens. Natural stone baths are becoming ever more popular, as are warm wood finishes, both of which can help cultivate the sense of your bathroom becoming an oasis of beauty and peace.

Metallic luxe

If you’d prefer to go in the other direction, on the other hand, you might love a bit of metallic luxe. Now, you probably don’t need telling that metals like chrome have already had a long and storied history in designer bathrooms of a range of different styles, but it’s far from the only metal available. Gold, brass and antique bronze are all increasingly popular favourites too.

Gold in particular is fantastic for creating that sense of effortless luxury in your interiors, while brass and antique bronze are wonderful for injecting a bit of visual warmth into what otherwise might seem like a slightly cold colour scheme. If gold seems a little too ostentatious for the atmosphere you’re trying to create, you might want to consider nickel instead; its white-yellow undertone is ideal for creating that softer finish.

BathroomsThe ‘modern country’ look

The modern country look is seeing a particular resurgence in popularity this year, and we think it’s no wonder! It unconsciously borrows both natural and metallic elements to create a distinctive fusion of the two. Sometimes referred to as ‘cottagecore’, the modern country look is primarily based on the traditional, bucolic English cottage, using treated wood panelling and cosy furnishings to evoke the quintessential British countryside. Then, it’s layered with metallics and sophisticated contemporary touches in a careful balance of traditional and modern, urban and country. It’s an unusual trend, and one that needs some careful attention to get the mix just right, but when it’s done right, it makes for a truly unique, timeless design.

And if you’re weighing up how to incorporate some of these trends into your own bathroom, that’s exactly what our designers are here for! Whatever you’ve got in mind for your own bathroom space, you can count on our expert designers here at NPM Bathrooms to help you make it a reality. Don’t hesitate to stop by our bathroom showroom on Manchester Road, or give us a call on 01282 687717, and see what we can do for you!

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