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3 quick bits of inspiration for choosing your bathroom mirror

Your bathroom mirror is an integral part of your overall design, providing wonderful aesthetic value while serving an essential practical role. Now, as expert bathroom designers here at NPM Bathrooms, we’ve got years of experience behind us in helping our customers get every aspect of their design exactly right, and that includes the bathroom mirror – so if you’re sizing up which one you’d like for your space, we think it’s worth bearing the following key points in mind!

Choosing the size of your bathroom mirror

When you’re deciding on the size of your bathroom mirror, one of your top priorities will be to ensure that it all looks balanced, so that its size doesn’t make it appear at odds with the rest of the design. You’ll normally be able to tell if it is or it isn’t with no more than a glance, but a good rule to bear in mind is that most bathroom mirrors aren’t wider than the sink. On the other hand, if you feel like breaking this rule, then feel free to go entirely the other way – you can have your bathroom mirror as wide as the vanity unit, for perfect alignment.

Whatever size you go for though, you’ll want to ensure that it’s easy to use – specifically, a bathroom mirror should extend a foot above and below the eyeline of whoever is using it. If you fancy extending that length a bit, a taller mirror often looks better than a wider one. Alternatively, you can have a mirror which fills the entire wall, helping your space to feel a lot physically bigger (while adding a beautiful touch of luxury, too!)

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Choosing the shape of your bathroom mirror

This is a fantastic quality to experiment with if you’re trying to find new ways of getting a little bit more personality into your designer bathroom. Rectangular bathroom mirrors are obviously one of the most popular kinds of shapes, as they lend themselves brilliantly to any style of space, whether modern, contemporary or traditional.

You might also want to consider rounded bathroom mirrors, which provide a softer and more relaxed look – perfect if you want to cultivate your bathroom into a tranquil home spa. Oval bathroom mirrors are another alternative, with their distinctly elegant and classy appearance. If you’re particularly proud of your wallpaper design or bathroom tiles, then rounded bathroom mirrors are often a good way to go, as they allow you to show off the maximum amount of it.

Refining the functionality of your bathroom mirror

Now, we know that at first, it probably doesn’t seem like there should be much to refine. After all, a mirror seems like one of the simplest and most straightforward aspects of your bathroom design. And maybe that’s been true over the last few decades, but now we’re well into the 21st Century, you might be surprised at what your mirror can do.

Modern mirrors can incorporate high-tech additions like heated de-misters and LED lights, all to make your morning routine just that even quicker, easier and more enjoyable. Mirrors fitted with energy-saving LEDs strike the perfect balance between providing light that’s easily bright enough to see by when you’re getting yourself ready in the mornings, but dim enough to create a serene atmosphere when you’re relaxing in your home spa in the evenings.

If the idea of that appeals, you could even have sweep sensors installed on your bathroom mirror, so you need do nothing more than simply wave your hand to activate them. That ensures that you’re only ever using as much energy as you need, making them highly economical too. De-misters are similarly useful, enabling you to bypass that tedious step of having to wipe down the mirror immediately after your shower, just so that you can see clearly enough to use it.

Those are just a few ideas though – you may well have plenty of your own! Whatever you’ve got in mind for your own bathroom space, you can count on our expert designers here at NPM Bathrooms to help you make it a reality. Don’t hesitate to stop by our bathroom showroom on Manchester Road, or give us a call on 01282 687717, and see what we can do for you!

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