4 creative ways to incorporate tiles into your designer bathroom

Adding tiles to a bathroom is a no-brainer. They’re functional, practical, and perfect to protect walls in a damp environment. But designer bathrooms are never just about function; they’re about creativity and using every element in your space to create a clear aesthetic. Your own bathroom should be unique to you, reflecting what you value and how you like to spend time in the space. With that in mind, your tiles should never be boring! Get creative with your designer bathroom with these four ways to incorporate tiles.

Panel your bath in bold patterns

Baths don’t have to be plain and white! Tiles can bring new life to baths and make them a focus in your space, all the while protecting the surface beneath from water damage and making the bath more durable. If you have a rectangular bath with straight panels, you can add bold tiles to instantly create a more designer feel. In a chic, contemporary room, panel your bath with slate grey and dark green tiles. In a more eclectic space, find a bold pattern to cover your bath in and create a fun feature.

Never underestimate the power of texture

Adding texture is a brilliant way to make a space more interesting and add some creativity. A brilliant way to incorporate texture is with three-dimensional tiles. For example, you can find tiles in triangular prism shapes, not unlike the shape of a Toblerone box. Fill one wall with these for a unique look that’s going to bring plenty of interest to your room.


Highlight certain zones with abstract tiling

If you enjoy a more minimalistic aesthetic but would like to add something a little creative to your space, try highlighting zones with tiles. It’s a look that isn’t overwhelming but packs a punch in terms of creativity. For example, you can add hexagonal tiles to the wall behind your sink. The idea is to frame the area with the tiles, and rather than finishing with a straight edge, stop your tiling at different points to create a more abstract shape.

Play around with different patterns and colours

Just as you can mix and match paint colours, you don’t have to stick to one type of tile! You can play around with the patterns you choose, creating a space with a lot going on that still feels cohesive. For example, you could have two different coloured herringbone tiles; black and white on the floor, orange and white on the wall behind your bath. There’s clearly thought behind the choices and they match well, but it’s still more playful than sticking to just one style of tile.

At NPM Bathrooms, we’re creative enthusiasts! We love thinking outside the box and coming up with new and inventive ways to bring interest to bathroom designs. These are just a few of our tiling suggestions, but you can check out more by taking a look at our customer bathrooms. Or, come into our designer bathroom showroom on Manchester Road, where our team will be more than happy to chat all things design!

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