4 easy ways to keep your bathroom warm without heating

Here at NPM Bathrooms, we understand that heating a bathroom can be difficult, particularly in times where money is tight and energy prices are high. A cold bathroom can make it that much harder to drag yourself out of a hot tub (particularly in the winter). So, we’ve put together a list of tips that you can use to keep your bathroom nice and toasty – and crucially, without using the radiator!

Humidity leads to heat

Humidity is something we all tend to be quite wary of as homeowners, and understandably so, as high levels of humidity can sometimes cause problems like moisture build-up and mould. In small quantities though, humidity can be great at holding heat. If keep your bathroom nice and steamy, you can actually keep it nice and warm long after you’ve turned off the shower. For maximum humidity, close any windows within your bathroom, and shut the door. Once you’re finished, open up the windows to let the steam out and this will release all the excess moisture from the air, and reduce the risk of mould forming. Most moulds need 24-48 hours of moisture to begin to grow. Therefore if a suitable material in your home is wet for more than 24 hours then you run the risk of mould starting to grow. Essentially, as long as you’re not participating in a 24 hour bath-a-then, you should be okay!

Add some window dressings

Now, keep in mind that hanging a window dressing is a little more complicated than say hanging up a pair of curtains. For the best results, opt for wooden shutters – when their slats are closed, very little air escapes through them, which means they’re great for insulating your bathroom space. Simple, stylish, and won’t break the bank, wooden shutters are a great option for keeping the warmth within your bathroom, and can inject a snug, cosy feel into your space.

Invest in a larger shower-head

When it comes to picking out a shower heard, size does matter, particularly if you’re looking for one that’s going to keep you warm! Although the pressure and look of a shower-head are often higher on people’s lists of priorities when it comes to buying a shower-head (and rightly so!), changing to a more oversized shower-head that disperses hot water at a wider rate will definitely improve the amount of warmth you feel in the shower. With a wider shower-head, you’ll be engulfed in far more water, which means you’ll stay much warmer than you would under a small shower head.

Preheat your towels

Put simply: a warm towel wrapped around your shoulders is absolute bliss after stepping out of a shower. Just because you’re leaving your heating off in the bathroom, that doesn’t mean you can’t heat up your towels in the airing cupboard, or on a radiator/towel rack in another room. Plus, you don’t have to spend excessive amounts on a heated towel rack – you can get really toasty towels by simply hanging them on the inside of your airing cupboard!

So, those are just a few of the things you can do to keep the heat in your bathroom, even when your radiator is off. And if you’re thinking of updating your bathroom design with a few further priorities in mind, we’ll be here to guide you through every step of the process here at NPM Bathrooms. If you need some inspiration, feel free to browse through our customer bathrooms right here on our site, or if you have any questions regarding how we can help you create the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of, feel free to contact us on 01282 697717, or drop us an email at We’re always happy to help!

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