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4 essential factors in designing a dreamy and airy bathroom

For some people, bathrooms are purely functional spaces. But other bathrooms are far more than that; they’re also places to relax, letting all the worries of the day drift away while encompassing you in a comfortable, spa-like atmosphere. Now, there’s a certain style of dreamy, airy designer bathroom that’s perfect for achieving that sort of spa-like feel, so this week here on the blog at NPM Bathrooms, we thought we’d share our top tips to achieving it!

Take your time with the colour scheme

The colour scheme is one of the most fundamental features that define the personality of a bathroom, and the atmosphere of the entire space – so feel free to take your time in perfecting it. Successfully giving it that light and airy feel will probably require a careful balance of several shades. White and blue are probably good places to start, as they’re both ideal for creating a peaceful, soothing colour palette.

One option is to use a light powder blue as the primary colour for the space, with touches of white here and there to maintain that fresh, airy feel. Or if you’d like, you can go the other way entirely, sticking with white as your main colour but adding little pops of visual interest with blue accents here and there.

Those are far from your only options, of course. You could try an aqua colour to give the room a cool, faintly nautical feel, reminiscent of a warm seaside. This works particularly well when paired with a wooden basin unit and beige flooring, to give the space some extra visual warmth.

Let’s keep it light

As soon as you’ve settled on your colour scheme, it’s also worth carefully considering the type of lighting you’ll choose for it. A certain kind of lighting can affect the appearance of your chosen colour scheme to a surprisingly large degree, for better or worse. That means you’ll need to be very selective about your choice of illumination to maintain the effect.

Florescent bulbs are one potential option, but bear in mind they can cast a slightly blue tint. On the other hand, incandescent bulbs can give off a slightly orange glow, so you could even use them to subtly warm up or cool down the space once the day’s natural light has faded.

Depending on the sort of personality you want for your space, you can also choose from a range of alternatives, such as chandeliers, pendant lighting, ceiling mounted lighting or even recessed lighting, if you want a sleek minimalist look.

Light Bathrooms
Take a moment to reflect

Mirrors are another essential consideration if you want your space to remain light and airy, especially if it’s a slightly smaller space. By reflecting the light (natural or otherwise) bouncing around the room, they can help open up your bathroom, while giving it the illusion of having more space.

We’ve previously published an entire post on the best way to choose your bathroom mirror, but there’s nothing that says your own bathroom can only have one. You can also incorporate them onto cabinetry or storage units. If you’ve got a relatively large but still narrow gap that you’re struggling to fill, you could opt for a tallboy storage unit, which will not only help to give your bathroom that light and airy quality, but as an extra bonus it provides a great place to store your extra towels as well.

Get creative with the fixtures

The fixtures of your bathroom provide another fantastic way to express your style, and put your own spin on what you prize in a bright and airy bathroom. When it comes to your major fixtures like the bath or shower, toilet and sink, you could choose minimalist variants for clean lines and a stunning contemporary look, or opt for more traditional versions with more ornate feet and copper accents to give the place a more quaint sort of charm. Gold accents can help give it a particularly inviting but luxurious feel, or touches of darker navy blue can give the space a bit of dramatic flair that doesn’t undercut its relaxed, airy feel.

Those are just a few of our ideas, of course – you might well have plenty of your own! If you’re on the lookout for more inspiration, feel free to search through our customer bathrooms gallery to find out what we’ve achieved for previous happy customers, or stop by our showroom on Manchester Road. Pop in and our team will be more than happy to help!

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