refresh the style of your bathroom

4 great shortcuts to refresh the style of your bathroom

Giving your bathroom a complete renovation is fantastic for changing its look completely – but if you just want to give it a quick refresh, renovating it isn’t necessarily the most practical and cost-effective option. Far better to give it a quick refresh instead, and give it a lovely once-over without drastically altering its look. Here are four easy ways to do it!

1. Replace the bathroom cabinets

Your bathroom cabinets have a surprisingly influential effect on your bathrooms’ overall style, and if they become chipped and worn-looking, it can affect the whole look of the space. Glass-fronted cabinets can be particularly prone to showing up any stains, marks or damage.

Happily, we’ve got a great range of modern bathroom cabinets available from NPM Bathrooms. We’ve been in business for three decades, providing dependable advice on bathroom designs large and small, including partial modifications and full bathroom redesigns. It’s fair to say that we’ve never found a bathroom that we couldn’t improve through careful changes and modifications on the customer’s agreed budget, and cabinets are a fantastic way to do it!

2. Throw in the towels

It might surprise you that a simple change like throwing out your towels and replacing them will do the trick. Towels now come in all kinds of fluffy (and not so fluffy) varieties and colours. They also add some vibrancy or personality to your bathroom.

While you might not opt for Egyptian cotton towels because of their higher price, you can still find something soft and thick when looking at the GSM for each towel. Anything that’s higher than 400 GSM is going to be thick enough to be comforting on your bare skin when getting out of the shower or the tub.

Also, think about whether you want block colours or a pattern? Both will work equally well, but brighter colours can elevate an all-white colour scheme nicely. A summer beach pattern full of vibrancy is another way to give your bathroom a ‘pop’.

3. Check the flooring

The bathroom floor tiles are one of those elements that are subject to the most frequent wear and tear. Though if the tiles are looking a bit shabby, they can be cleaned up to appear better. It just takes a little attention and the right cleaning equipment to do so! You might simply want to replace individual tiles, but if the entire floor is looking like it’s seen better days, it might be worth thinking about getting it replaced entirely.

However, that’s not the most cost-effective option, so you can cheat! Getting some bathroom mats is ideal for this; adding an extra shaggy pile or towelling-type mat to dry your feet is both practical and stylish. They have a fluffy top-side which is lovely when climbing out of the shower and skipping the cold tiled floor. But they will usually also have a stickier underside to grip the floor so they (and you) don’t slip and slide everywhere.

4. What about the bathroom wall tiles?

The bathroom wall tiles are another place which can start to show wear over the years. The grout between the tiles is often the main offender, but thankfully it can be easily fixed. Just use a vinegar and baking soda mixture along with a brush to give the grout a good buff up. You can usually return it to its original white colour with a bit of elbow grease!

As for the tiles themselves, a good bathroom cleaner is useful to spray over them and wipe them down. Doing both together should return a reflective sheen to the whole area.

If you’re thinking up your own ideas on how to refresh your bathroom, don’t forget that our expert designers are always here to help! Don’t hesitate to stop by our expansive bathroom showroom on Manchester road, or give us a quick call on 01282 687717, and see what we can do for you!

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