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5 best minimalist bathroom trends we’ve seen so far…

A minimalist bathroom is designed on the principle ‘less is more’ with clean lines, limited clutter, lots of open space, and a simple colour palette.

After a long day at work, many people want to relax in a calm, clean, and stress-free zone — often the bathroom provides an ideal sanctuary. Whether you’re kicking off our busy day at work or calming yourself in a peaceful oasis just before bed, the clean lines and openness of minimalist spaces allow you to breathe.

For this reason and many others, it’s easy to see why the trend of minimalism as a bathroom style has grown this year!

minimalist bathroom

Statement sinks

Most people think of their sinks as a fairly functional aspect of their bathrooms, but you might be surprised at the sorts of design statements they can make!

Across social media and from customer suggestions we’re seeing a lot of requests for sinks that make a statement. From things like unique rock sinks, sinks fitted to an old chest of drawers, and even asymmetrical sink designs are quickly becoming popular designs choices bringing minimalist style to life!

Since minimalist bathrooms have clean lines it means items like quirky shaped or coloured sinks become the focal point of the room — adding personality and uniqueness to the space.

Our showroom has a wide selection of bowl sinks, curved or shaped sinks, in either a double or single style, and a range of fixtures to match other design elements in your bathroom.

Soaking bathtubs

The luxurious trend of soaking bathtubs is here to stay! The most popular soaking bathtubs (perfect for minimalist style bathrooms) are often asymmetrical, circular, elongated ovals or sleek rectangles some with curved edges to soften the look.

Many manufacturers now offer soaking tubs in a range of textures like concrete, stone, or wood effect and in a minimalist colour palette which may include black, tan, sand or white. For us, we’ve always thought soaking bathtubs create truly a high-end look which can bring a luxurious touch of the spa directly into your bathroom.

Hide-away storage

You’ve got plenty of options for storage when it comes to minimalist bathrooms. Some of our customers opt for open shelving exposing towels, soap, and brushes, or alternatively, they might choose hide-away storage to keep all of the bathroom essentials out of the way, maintaining the ‘less is more’ aesthetic. While the floating shelves might suit guest bathrooms or those with single couples, they may not be the most practical for shared bathrooms or ones with children.

Keeping your bathroom organised can be as simple and easy as adding a cabinet under the sink. An under the sink solution can add extra space to keep toothbrushes, toiletries, and towels hidden from view. This means you won’t have to sacrifice the serenity of your bathroom design with clutter!

UK’s hottest new bathroom trend

Clear showers

The modern minimalism trend is all about creating an open and expansive feel in the bathroom, and one good way to make your bathroom feel larger is to opt for a clear shower door or divider.

Another popular minimalist design element we’ve seen emerge in recent years is a clear door with a black exterior frame, either all the way around or just on the bottom. This type of design helps create the illusion of a different space while still keeping it simple and open. You can create a distinct and separate shower space with a clear door by changing the tiles behind it either by altering the style, colour, shape, or texture.

Feature walls

You’ll find plenty of beautifully designed feature wall here in our showroom at NPM Bathrooms! It’s fantastic for adding that touch of personality and character, to create stunning visual interest in a range of bathroom styles…including minimalist.

For us and many of our clients, creating a minimalist bathroom should have a good range of textures, styles, and lines. A feature wall is a fantastic way to add in a new texture to frame the shower, sink or tub, without overcomplicating a design.

There’s plenty more minimalist design inspiration to explore right here in our showroom at NPM Bathrooms, or you can browse some of our case studies right here on our site – one of our recent favourites involved creating seven unique bathrooms in a range of styles for one new house in this customer case study!

Plus, our friendly and experienced designers are on hand to answer your design questions with helpful tips and advice — or you can give us a call on 01282 687717 we’d be happy to help you get the bathroom of your dreams!

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