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5 festive ideas to jazz up your bathroom for the Christmas season

As we edge ever closer towards the end of the year, the festivities continue to build towards a fever pitch. On a daily basis, houses all around are transforming into their own little winter wonderlands. The trees are being decorated, the wreaths are being hung, and the tinsel is being draped – what a wonderful time of year!

But while you probably know exactly how you’d like to decorate your hallway, living room and kitchen for example, there’s one particular room in the house that can be a little more challenging – and that, of course, is your designer bathroom. So with that in mind, here are our favourite festive ideas to jazz up your bathroom this season!

Adopt the festive palette

This first tip is one of the easiest and yet, one of the most effective ways to jazz up the bathroom. By simply making use of the colours red, white, and green, your bathroom will suddenly be more befitting of the festive season.

This doesn’t mean a complete decorative overhaul either. The green can be accomplished by adding some winter foliage around the bathroom, or perhaps by hanging a wreath on an empty part of the wall. The red and white are best used in conjunction with one another, and this could be done by arranging towels in a red and white sequence. If you don’t have red and white towels, you could simply throw some candy canes in the toothbrush holder, or, simpler still, drape some tinsel over the bathroom mirror! There’s ample room for creativity here and using this tricoloured palette can go a long way in cultivating a Christmassy atmosphere in your bathroom.

Use a freshly festive scent

Decorations aren’t the only way to give your bathroom a festive feel. While your guests’ eyes are fixated on your beautified bathroom, why not pleasure their noses with some wintery scents? Cinnamon, oranges and cloves, roast chestnuts, or whatever else Christmas smells like to you, can probably be found in a candle or an air freshener form.

If you really want to satisfy the senses, why not add some festive potpourri to a dish in the bathroom? A potpourri will offer some stunning smells, whilst also matching the aesthetic of your newly festive bathroom.

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Show off your wrapping

Mastering the craft of gift wrapping comes with patience and practice. If you’ve cracked it, it would be a shame to only use it on presents and we think that it’s a skill you should show off wherever you can. Adding ribbons and bows throughout the bathroom, especially on the artwork, towel racks, and other bathroom accessories can provide a subtle yet effective aesthetic.

Using your wrapping skills in the bathroom offers you a quick, appealing design, without the need to rearrange the layout. It’s also easy to clean up once the holiday season draws to an end, making it an ideal way to jazz up the bathroom.

Use Christmas products

Soap, shampoo, handwash, you name the bathroom product, and there’s more than likely a Christmassy alternative available. Companies, like everyone, enjoy getting into the festive spirit each year, with products that provide a Christmassy scent and add some colour to the bathroom. This combines both sight and smell, making for a match made in heaven. This also allows an alternative to going all out with Christmas décor, as these products can be used as normal, whilst also providing a festive visual.

Add a Christmas Tree

Okay, so maybe this one is a bit of a cop-out, but if you want to offer that true spirit of Christmas, you can’t go wrong with a tree! However, if the cost of buying another tree for your bathroom is a concern, there are alternatives. What about stacking your toilet roll into the shape of a tree? You could even purchase some special Christmas toilet roll (yes, it does exist)! A smaller, tabletop tree sitting on a stool or shelf could be equally effective. Simply throw some tinsel and baubles on there, and voila, your bathroom has its very own Christmas tree!

With these ideas fresh in your mind, why not get started in transforming your designer bathrooms into a Christmas paradise? There’s plenty of room to add your personal touches too, after all, everyone has their own idea of their perfect Christmas, and you can show it off in style, in your bathroom!

At NPM Bathrooms, we’re creative enthusiasts! We love thinking outside the box and coming up with new and inventive ways to bring interest to bathroom designs. These are just a few of our festive suggestions, but you can check out more by taking a look at our customer bathrooms. Or, come into our designer bathroom showroom on Manchester Road, where our team will be more than happy to chat all things design!

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