5 key questions to answer before you design your dream bathroom

Waterfall taps, emerald wall tiles, and a walk in shower; for some people, that’s the definition of their dream bathroom. But as experienced bathroom designers here at NPM, we know it’s not always that easy. Knowing what’s best to do with your space is tricky and no matter how many designer bathrooms you see, sometimes you just don’t know where to start. So if you’re struggling to plan your bathroom renovation, we’ve come up with 5 use questions to ask yourself first. They’re handy for getting the ball rolling, allowing you to get some clarity on what you really want from your space.

1. Do you have any must-have items?

You might be struggling to think of every little thing you want, but do you have any must-have ideas to add to your wishlist? This could be an item – like a vintage claw foot bath or a monochrome wall tile -or a concept, like a walk-in shower or a floor-to-ceiling mirror. Add these to a non-negotiable list as the foundation of your plan and watch the rest of your bathroom begin to grow around it.

2. How much space do you have to work with?

Bathroom space varies a lot! From areas not much bigger than a cupboard to the equivalent of a master-bedroom, looking at how much you have to work with will help you understand what will and won’t work. It’ll also give you pointers on how to make the most of your space, too. If you have a relatively small bathroom, for example, it’s best to stick to light colours and minimal furnishings (floating shelves are a brilliant storage choice!), whilst those with large bathrooms can be more flexible. The bigger the space, the more choice you’ll have.

3. How much storage do you need?

When it comes to designer bathrooms, it’s not all about what looks good. You have to remember the practicalities of your space, too, like storage options. You might need a cupboard for your towels and other linens, under-sink storage for cleaning products, and shelving for your toiletries. Be realistic about how much you’re going to need and start planning the solutions that will be right for you.

Bathroom Storage

4. What styles are you drawn to?

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have been scouring magazines, showrooms, and the internet for bathroom inspiration. This is a brilliant way to start figuring out what kind of styles you love and where you should be focusing your attention. From modern minimalism with clean lines and neutral colours, to marble and gold fixtures, there are plenty of aesthetic options out there to pick from.

5. Shower or Bath?

One of the main things to consider is whether you want your bathroom to have a shower or a bath – or both! This depends on a whole range of factors, like the space you have, which you prefer to use, and what will be best for your future home. If you’re unsure, a bath with a fitted overhead shower might be your best bet. Once you’ve decided which you’d like, it’s time to start looking at styles! You might want a walk-in shower, a freestanding bath, or something entirely different.

These probably won’t be the only questions you’ll have to ask yourself for your designer bathroom planning – just a few to get you kickstarted! If you’re on the lookout for more inspiration, feel free to search through our customer bathrooms gallery to find out what we’ve achieved for previous happy customers, or stop by our showroom on Manchester Road. Pop in and our team will be more than happy to help!

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