5 useful ways to design a practical family bathroom

Creating a designer bathroom that’s practical for a family may seem like a challenging task, but that’s what we’re here for! Our bathroom designers can provide as much or as little advice as you want, or if you need some inspiration you can always take a look through the real customer bathrooms we’ve designed. If you’re still in the early stages of designing your practical bathroom, it may be easier to make smaller touches rather than changing the whole room. We’ve come up with five useful ways that can make your bathroom more practical for all members of the family.

1. A double basin

A family bathroom tends to be a busy place in the morning, with everyone jostling to clean their teeth and wash before they leave for work and school. If you only have one sink, this could mean that you’re rushing around when your day has only just started, which can be stressful in its own way! A twin basin will help solve that problem, allowing two people to get ready at the same time. Best of all, a twin basin can also add a sense of charm to the standard family bathroom.

2. Locked medication cabinet

If you live with children, then having a locked medication cabinet is not just a thing of practicality, but one of safety. Locking your cabinets will help to keep your medicines and lotions away from curious children, and perhaps teenagers in the mood to experiment with some perfumes and aftershaves (it’s been known to happen!), so you can avoid potential messes and accidents.

bathroom cupboards

3. Fitted bathroom accessories

Bathrooms are generally one of the smallest rooms in a home, and this is where fitted accessories come in. Fitted cabinets can again keep items out of reach of younger family members, as well as making the bathroom appear bigger by minimising clutter. Plus, wall-mounted bathroom accessories also keep items from getting knocked over, such as the toilet brush, which also helps keep the floor tidy.

4. Bath/shower combi

A shower bath is the best of both worlds, especially if you live with both shower and bath lovers, combining the bathtub with a shower fitting. It gives family members a choice, with showers practical for older family members and baths for younger children. Adding in a shower screen will also keep water from in the bathtub where it belongs, making bath time less chaotic.

5. Streamlined storage

A carefully designed room is key to having a practical bathroom, and this is where streamlined storage comes in. By building as many cupboards and units as possible, you’ll make sure that everything will have its place, and plenty of cupboard space will mean that each family member has their own space for toiletries.
These are just a few of our suggestions – you’ll probably have your own ideas! If you haven’t already, you can always check out our customer bathrooms, or take a trip to our designer bathroom showroom on Manchester Road, where you can find all sorts of beautifully refined designs. And of course, if you need any help then our team will be more than happy to oblige!

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