7 essentials to create a luxurious hotel-style bathroom

Have you ever stepped into a luxurious bathroom during your holiday and thought: “I want this in my home!” If so, you’re definitely in the right place. At NPM Bathrooms, we have over 35 years of experience in helping our customers create the bathroom of their dreams – especially in designing luxury hotel-style bathrooms for every budget!

Whether you want a minimalist escape or a dramatic look-and-feel in your bathroom all hotel-style designs share certain elements and features. Here are some of the most beautiful and important ones!

Quality materials

The first step to achieving a luxury look and feel in your bathroom is to start with quality materials. We aren’t saying you have to choose marble floors (unless you want them), but we are saying to be thoughtful about the materials you use in your bathroom.

Tiles come in a range of qualities and styles including ceramic, porcelain, marble, stone, limestone, and even Italian stone. Depending on your tastes, overall bathroom style, and desired extras (like underfloor heating) we make specific recommendations based on your budget and lifestyle.

Hotels often select materials with a balance of quality, style, and durability! We recommend you keep this in mind too.

Feature lighting

A quick and easy way to create a dramatic hotel look in your bathroom is with feature lighting – it’s a great way to anchor your design with a focal point. A focal point is simply an item or object that designers incorporate into a bathroom to help draw or lead the eye to a particular section of the room.

Clean, modern space with a ‘hotel look’ in the Ribble Valley


Most luxury hotel bathrooms have a focal point, and you can take inspiration from some you’ve seen before. You may want a large chandelier or unique hanging light (if you have a tall ceiling) to give your bathroom a wow-factor.

Consider function

Functionality is a must-have for any hotel bathroom. Remember, potentially hundreds of people circulate through the hotel every year. And it’s likely you’ll be in your bathroom hundreds if not thousands of times over the course of a year to brush your teeth, do your hair, and so on.

This means you should prioritise function to ensure you efficiently use the space you have and to help reduce the accumulation of clutter. Improving the functionality of your bathroom could be as simple as adding under sink storage, with the addition of niches in the shower, or even the incorporation of floating shelving.

To see what this could look like in your bathroom you can take a look at this clean, modern space with a ‘hotel look’.

Minimal accessories

Sometimes, hotel-style bathrooms can appeal to people simply because they are minimalist and clean. One way to easily transform your bathroom into this style is to declutter your bathroom.

Make sure you have a place for towels, soaps, toothbrushes, and other essentials. Anything you can put away into a storage area will help instantly give the room a minimalist “hotel feel”.

You can leave out the items you’ll use every day and can store everything else – large items like your hair dryer or curling iron might be good places to start!

Stunning fixtures

Hotel-style bathrooms often have elegant features and fixtures. If you are trying to create or re-create a luxurious bathroom, one way to do that is to match your fixtures with your style, like sleek contemporary taps with the minimalist style, as we described above.

Clean, modern space with a ‘hotel look’ in the Ribble Valley


One trend in fixtures we expect to be a popular choice for our customers this year is gold (or golden) coloured taps, handles, and accents in a range of textures (from shiny to matt).

You could even consider adding a unique bathtub, or his and hers tubs, or even a bespoke sink – which can take your bathroom to the next level!

Add luxury fragrance

Luxury fragrance is another way to complement the style. For many people, hotel bathrooms can be appealing simply because they smell nice! This is down to regular cleaning and the use of fragrances from reed diffusers and soaps.

You can make your bathroom smell rich, crisp with perfumes, flowers, candles, or even diffusers. Adding a fragrance to the room can help give it the level of sophistication and escapism that you’d normally experience in a hotel.

Large mirrors

Many hotels have bathrooms at the front of the room — which means they may not have a window or direct sunlight. To make up for this, hotels add large extravagant mirrors to help bounce light within the space.

modern bathroom


The way mirrors scatter light and add brightness is partially why your bathroom selfies look so good! Large mirrors can give your bathroom a truly unique and luxurious feel.

So, gather all of your bathroom inspiration pictures from your holiday and favourite social media account and we’ll help you turn those ideas into reality!

If you want to know what’s possible in your bathroom, book a FREE measure appointment to find out exactly how we can make your bathroom more luxurious. We’re happy to help you create the bathroom of your dreams!

Alternatively, feel free to visit our showroom where our friendly and experienced designers are on hand to answer your questions with helpful tips and advice — or you can give us a call on 01282 687717.

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