A designer’s guide to choosing the perfect showerhead

For anyone who’s undertaken a renovation project before, you’ll know the number of daily decisions you have to make about teeny-tiny details. But, the more thought you put into the little touches, the higher the quality your finish will be. That’s why when it comes to your designer bathroom or wet room, it’s crucial to consider every element – and that includes your showerhead!

From the type of water pressure to the ease of installation, more thought goes into finding the right showerhead than you might think. Luckily, our team at NPM Bathrooms is here with everything you need to know.

Budget restrictions

Before properly looking into your dream showerhead, consider your budget. For some people, that might be set in stone before any research is done due to tight project restrictions. Others might want to do some research first to get an idea of what’s out there before setting a budget. There’s no wrong answer here, so do what feels right for you.

Wall-mounted or flexible?

One of the first design decisions to make is whether you want a wall-mounted shower head or a flexible, hand-held option. If you have the budget, we recommend going for both so that you have a sturdy fixed head to stand under and a second head for cleaning or washing your hair over the bath. Of course, the amount of space you have can affect this, too. If you don’t have much room and you’d rather prioritise money elsewhere, stick to a fitted but flexible showerhead for the best of both worlds.

Know your water pressure

A lot of homeowners want to dive straight in with a huge showerhead, but don’t forget your water pressure! A large rainfall showerhead and low pressure are going to give you more of a drizzle than a downpour, with water trickling out in a pretty underwhelming stream. If you discover you have low pressure, there are plenty of beautiful smaller heads out there that are going to suit your designer bathroom a whole lot better.

Don’t forget your ceiling height

When looking into aesthetic details, don’t forget to consider your ceiling height and general space. Some vintage-style heads, for example, will have a high-reaching rod that curves over and down into the actual head, and this design is going to need a fairly high ceiling. For limited space, a head that attaches directly to the ceiling is going to be the least bulky option.

Aesthetic Details

Though a small detail, your showerhead is going to have an impact on the overall aesthetic of your room. Be sure to nail your look before making your decision! An antique brass head, for example, is well-suited to a vintage or quirky aesthetic, while a minimalist matte black finish is undeniably modern.

Your showerhead is one of those decisions you can agonise over for days. If you’re struggling to nail your look, our team at NPM Bathrooms is here to lend a hand. We create beautiful designer bathrooms and have all the inspiration you need to make the right choice in our gallery of customer bathrooms. Or, get in touch with us directly by giving us a call at 01282 697717. We’ll be more than happy to help!

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