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Three luxurious, calming modern bathrooms for Burnley home

We designed three crisp bathrooms with a cohesive hotel look and feel - to create a private sanctuary/retreat!

The Vision

Dr Ranjit envisioned a distinctive, crisp, cohesive, and modern style for each of the three bathrooms in his stunning new dream / existing home. The vision was to create three unique spa-like bathrooms to serve as the perfect escape / sanctuary for relaxing and unwinding after a long day.


Project Brief

To bring Dr Ranjit’s dream bathrooms to life, he needed a bathroom designer with experience creating a cohesive modern style across multiple bathrooms. Dr Ranjit wanted each bathroom to have the perfect blend of cohesion and distinctness from each other — in other words, they needed to look like they belonged to the same group, but also unique.

At the first meeting, our expert designers presented Dr Ranjit with a portfolio of customer bathrooms in a variety of styles including traditional, modern, and contemporary. The key factors for choosing NPM Bathrooms for the project was our experience working on similar projects, design portfolio, connections in the industry, and our large selection of fixtures, tiles, and fittings.

Throughout the process, Dr Ranjit met with our designer Scott to walk through the 3D modelling, to select the best fittings and fixtures for each bathroom, and to recommend a local, reliable fitter to get the job done right!


Innovative Features 

In the end, each of the three bathrooms has a similar style but a distinct edge. The colours range from light grey, cream, white, to darker grey, black, and sand. All the bathrooms have silver fittings and trim, a shiny white slatted ceiling, and recessed lighting to keep a hotel and spa feel throughout each space.

The master bathroom is spacious and has the softest cream tiles on the walls to instantly create a relaxing feel. The bathtub is framed in cream tiles of varying hues, that are raised and textured to create visual interest and a sense of calm in the room.

Over the bathtub is two niches perfectly sized and at varying heights to hold luxurious soaps and bath creams. On the opposite side is a stunning full wall mirror with shelf and under it is a modern sink and furniture. This bathroom has a charging point for shavers and electric toothbrushes built-in — completing the hotel — look and feel!

The second bathroom is tiled in floor-to-ceiling grey in an airy and wistful pattern. This all grey bathroom has a full-width wall mirror to help disperse light from the window and a sleek shelf to conceal pipework. The sink is wider and deeper than the one master bathroom to fit perfectly in the space. 

The smallest washroom has all piping concealed, a stunning grey tile from floor to ceiling, a niche in the wall with LED lighting to create a soft glow, slatted white ceiling, and stunning modern black furniture with silver fixtures and unique under-lighting. The glow created by the LED under-lighting on the shiny black furniture is soft and calming. 


Wondering how to make your dream bathroom a reality?

Our designers are on hand to help bring your luxury bathroom dreams to life with our expert design consultation and 3D computer modelling your new bathroom is only a few clicks away! Plus, we’ll be there to help you every step of the way, from the initial concept to final installation. Feel free to contact us on 01282 697717, or email us on to book your design consultation today! 


We’re happy to help you get the bathroom of your dreams!

What Our Designer Says

I enjoy creating modern style bathrooms and helping people bring more of the luxury, calm, and relaxation we expect at a hotel into their everyday life. 

My favourite features about this project are the subtle tile colours and glowing LED accent lights. The tiles when paired with the lights both brighten and warm the space to complete an almost spa-like atmosphere! 

The completed bathrooms are a perfect example of how to keep a similar design consistency and still give each room a distinct flair.
Scott Barker, NPM Designer
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