Modern Style Bathroom

Five cool ways to blend traditional and modern bathroom styles

If you want to create a designer bathroom that blends the modern with the traditional, it is generally easier than you think. While there may seem like a lot of elements you need to consider, it can be easier to break your plan down into smaller steps. You can even take one of the five methods we mention in this post and then build up from there.

Coloured furniture

If you want to add a traditional vibe to your bathroom, without changing any of the main bathroom furnishings, then adding some colour to the woodwork will do just the thing. Picking a grey colour will bring the past into the present, with brass accessories really bringing the room to life. You can even paint your bathroom cabinet or shelving a different shade of grey to help them stand out from the crowd.

Feature wall

Feature walls don’t just belong in the lounge! Incorporating one in your bathroom could be what you need to merge the old with the new. Feature walls can give your vanity or bath the perfect backdrop and can be done simply by making one wall the same colour as your flooring. You are transforming a room which can appear quite white and sterile, into something stylish, while also making the space you have seem bigger.

Feature wall in bathrooms

Mixing metals

Metals in the bathroom add an industrial look to the room, with exposed plumbing and brassware perfect for retaining an elegant style, while also incorporating the old-meets-new trend. Furthermore, mixing up metals adds a certain level of charm to the room, for example having brass industrial lights, with polished nickel for the taps and shower. If you want to keep mixing colours, then adding a rug or wood table will bring in a certain level of authenticity to the room, with something appealing to everyone.

Simple colour palette

If mixing metals and visible pipework isn’t for you, then using a simple colour palette could also give you the old-meets-new look you want. Two popular, yet simple, colours that look well together are blush pink and navy blue. You can either have navy blue walls with blush pink furnishings or use the colours the other way around. But these colours keep your bathroom looking classy while adding a contemporary splash, with both complementing each other.

Remember to accessorise

Accessories make or break an outfit, and the same can be said for your bathroom. By adding a beautiful mirror to the room or switching up the soap dish and other bathroom accessories, you can give the room a new look without having to do much. This way, if you have modern bathroom furnishings, you can add a vintage look by adding and changing around any other fixtures and fittings.

Those are just a few of our ideas, of course. If you’re looking for even more inspiration, feel free to search through our customer bathrooms gallery to find out what our previous happy customers chose. If you want to speak to someone about your ideas, feel free to stop by our showroom on Manchester Road; our team will be more than happy to help!

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