Lighten up your bathroom with these tile designs

Lighten up your bathroom with these stunning tile designs

At NPM Bathrooms, we stock a large range of bathroom tiles suitable for a variety of projects.

Changing your existing bathroom tiles can be used to create any number of effects!  Add a touch of luxury, style, texture to your bathroom with these light and bright tiles.

Malla Delta Grey Mosaic

Malla Delta Grey Mosaic

The Malla Delta Grey Mosaic tiles are light, small and can create a spa or hotel-like feel in any bathroom! While these tiles are pictured inside notches we find they can also work well behind sinks, as stripes to block sections inside showers, and can brighten up a bathroom especially if using either LED or downlighting.

The tiles are porcelain and have a natural range of tones, patterns, and colour to mimic the appearance of real travertine.

Why it works: This tile can make your bathroom lighter because of the different grey colours are woven through it and how it reflects light.

Hipster Brick Mist

Hipster Brick Mist

Next on our list is the Hipster Brick Mist which is a raised brick pattern comes in a stunning tan colour. The colour varies depending on the depth of the brick and can help brighten a bathroom through its clever use of contrasting tones, textures, and depth.

We see this tile used as either the primary wall tile or sometimes as a tile to frame the bathtub or showering areas. Given the effect created by this tile, it can create a very luxurious feel perfect for relaxing after a long day!

Why it works: the texture is what carries this tile and can help make your bathroom appear lighter and brighter than a simple smooth!

Carezza Lux

Carezza Lux

Last we have the Carezza Lux ceramic tile that has a unique look to it. This tile can give your bathroom an over the top hotel-like feel with its glossy and glitter effect coating.

Since this tile shimmers, it’s great for use in areas of the bathroom that need to reflect more light like in the shower or used as the full wall tile. No matter where you put the Carezza Lux, it will help reflect the light making it an excellent choice!

Why it works: this tile uses both gloss and glitter to help the surface reflect more light — the coating almost acts a bit like a mirror which can help make the room brighter!

We’ve got no shortage of excellent tiles to help brighten up your bathroom. We stock a large range of glossy, matt, mosaic, brick-patterned, textured, and light coloured tiles to meet your needs.

There’s plenty more modern design inspiration to explore right here in our bathroom showroom at NPM Bathrooms, or you can browse some of our case studies on our site.

When you visit our friendly and experienced designers are on hand to answer your design questions with helpful tips and advice — or you can give us a call on 01282 687717. We’re happy to help you get the bathroom of your dreams!

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