Looking for colour scheme inspiration? Here are our 4 favourites!

Let’s be honest, if you were to ask an average person to picture a bathroom, they’d almost certainly imagine one with a white colour scheme. And no wonder! We associate white with cleanliness and safety, and making a fresh start. All of which makes it a natural fit for any bathroom. But when it comes to finalising your vision for your designer bathroom, it makes sense that you’d want to get a little more… creative. So with that in mind, allow us to suggest four colours you may or may not have considered, and why they might be the ideal choice for your space!


If you’ve taken a look through our customer case studies, you might have already seen some of our dramatic monochrome designs – a brilliant choice if you want to make a bold statement. But if you want something even more nuanced, charcoal but be just what you’re after. It’s moody but sophisticated, with a touch of warmth that gives it an inherent versatility, allowing it to be blended with a wide range of colours, such as cream or a rich mustard shade. It can also be effortlessly paired with natural wood tones or metallic accents, helping your bathroom to strike the perfect balance between chic and relaxing.

Light powder blue

A favourite for homeowners who want their bathroom to have a dreamy, relaxing feel. Lots of people love this particular shade because of its association with brilliant daylight skies, dotted with cotton-wool clouds – and that’s exactly why it can create a wonderful space for unwinding at the end of a long day. This effect is most pronounced when powder blue is used as a primary wall colour, but it can also make an excellent accent colour when layered on white or soft grey. If you like your bathroom to feel like a place of almost heavenly tranquility, powder blue will always be a solid choice.

Light green

A light green designer bathroom is one that lends itself very nicely to a sense of bringing the outside in; which is one of this year’s biggest summertime trends. A light green colour makes an excellent backdrop for you to bring in a variety of plant life or natural materials, helping to create a natural oasis in which to let go of the stresses of your day. If you’d like, you can mix it with earthy tones to enhance that natural feel, or alternatively go in a different direction entirely with a mint green, creating a space that’s lively and energetic rather than calm and peaceful.


If you really want a lively sense of energy for your space, though, you can’t get much better than red. It’s a colour that’s well known for effortlessly drawing the eye, so if you like making a statement with your space, it’s the quintessential choice. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you might find that it’s a little overwhelming as a wall colour, but it can have the perfect impact as an accent colour, especially when paired with a light neutral such as cream, off-white, or even grey.

These are just a few ideas – you’ll find plenty more inspiration in our customer bathrooms gallery! If you’re still finalising your vision for your space, or you could use some help or advice, that’s exactly what our bathroom designer are here for. Whatever you’ve got in mind, you can count on our expert designers here at NPM Bathrooms to help you make it a reality. Don’t hesitate to stop by our bathroom showroom on Manchester Road, or give us a call on 01282 687717, and see what we can do for you!

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