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Creating a modern bathroom means having straight clean lines, surfaces free from clutter and using geometric shapes throughout the design and decorations.

Often modern bathrooms place more importance on shape than material — meaning the overall effect is more about the lines created through design than the elements of texture or colour.

You might be wondering, how does that work in practice or what are the common elements of bathroom design?


In any new bathroom, no matter the style, lighting is generally one of the first things designers think about – where’s it coming from, how does it change over time, and how can the space get enough light? At NPM Bathrooms, we typically rely on three light source natural, downlight, and LEDs to help set the mood and atmosphere to the space.


This type of lighting can transform a room either by being too small, too large, just right or non-existent. Designers rely heavily on natural light to create stunning visual elements and to help make bathroom feel more luxurious. Natural light is very important for small bathrooms to help make the space feel larger.


Downlights are a very common solution for bathroom illumination largely due to the UK’s strict building regulations. These lights often come in a range in a range of water protective casings making them versatile for every zone in your bathroom.


If you have a dark bathroom or are looking to add a soft glow to the space LEDs can be a perfect choice! They have a long lasting bulb that draws low energy and most importantly they can help set the mood.

bathroom lighting


We recommend: You enhance any sources of natural light in your design for the best results.

Use of space

Bathrooms perhaps more than other rooms must use space more efficiently and effectively. The best way to do this is by not trying to put too many elements into the room. Only put in elements like a twin basin, bidet, or separate bath and shower if you have space to do so!

Remember, modern aesthetic is defined by geometry and open space. You’ll want to make sure it feels open airy — not confined or cramped.

We recommend: You pick items to fit your space. Be practical. Keep it simple. If you are adding a bathtub or larger shower — try marking where new items will go with painters tape and attempt to use them to get the feel for your new space. You may need to make adjustments.


The best advice we offer for our clients in terms of storage, is to think about how much stuff you’ll need it fit in your bathroom.

Ask yourself — will you need a place to hang a dressing gown, a place to collect laundry, an area to store fresh towels, extra soaps, or other items?

Once you know how much stuff you’ll need to store you can start considering bathroom furniture. Many of our clients opt for floating furniture that is fixed directly to the wall and doesn’t touch the floor.

We recommend: You be realistic with the amount of storage you’ll need as this will leave your bathroom looking clean and tidy!

Fixtures and Fittings

Even the most beautiful bathroom designs can feel slightly disjointed if the fixings and fixtures don’t line up with the overall style of the room.
Modern bathrooms benefit from simple fixings the most popular colours are silver or black — not to say other colours don’t look nice — just these seem to go with everything and appeal to the most clients.

Other popular modern fixtures include deep wash basins, usually in white, that are square, bowled, or rectangular in shape. When designing a modern bathroom many people chose to stick with similar shapes — rectangles or ovals, squares or circles — no matter what you choose try to keep it symmetrical.

We recommend: You spend time carefully considering the best fixings to match with your bathroom colours, design, and style. And to ask for a designers help if you need it!

There’s plenty more modern design inspiration to explore right here in our bathroom showroom at NPM Bathrooms, or you can browse some of our case studies on our site.

When you visit our friendly and experienced designers are on hand to answer your design questions with helpful tips and advice — or you can give us a call on 01282 687717. We’re be happy to help you get the bathroom of your dreams!

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