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Our top 4 picks for the most glamorous bathroom accessories

Everyone loves a bit of glamour in their bathroom – and if it’s a look you’re considering for yours, we’ve got good news for you. You don’t have to spend a lot to get that beautifully luxurious look! At NPM Bathrooms, we take great pride in elevating your bathroom experience and making that time one of the highlights of your day. So this week on the blog, we’re here to discuss the top 4 accessories that can really glam up your designer bathroom!

Start with those ultra-sleek shelves

All the best bathrooms have a careful balance between practicality, functionality, and aesthetic beauty. And what better way to demonstrate all three than with a set of appealing shelves that hold the power to add a dazzling dimension to that space.? Choosing the right spot, texture, and colour scheme for your bathroom shelves can drastically elevate the overall look and feel of your personal space.

An organised row of shelves can be great for giving your bathroom an extra touch of personality – for example by flaunting your favourite scented candles, perhaps placed right next to a beautiful glass vase, in turn filled with fresh flowers that add a distinctively artistic appeal to your space. All great reasons why an exquisite shelf would be a great accessory to have!

Lighten up your dullest day with elegant bathroom lighting fixtures

Romanticise your space with the help of lighting fixtures! Good lighting is one of the single biggest influences on the overall tone and feel of your space. For example, if you want to give your bathroom a cosy and classic appeal, then adding lights with a yellowish glow or warm white would be a good idea. However, if you want to give your space a contemporary look, you could easily go for cool light of blue.

If your bathroom doesn’t have a window and it doesn’t get any natural light, then it’s definitely worth considering adding stylish LED fixtures, especially as there’s typically a huge range of colours to choose from. And while you think of getting those, it’s worth considering the lights with shavers’ sockets so as to make it all the more convenient.

A pretty mirror on the wall to make you the fairest of them all

You’ll already have a mirror in your bathroom already – one that probably does the job just fine! But here’s the question: is it glamorous enough for you?

If not, we have a couple of suggestions! If you’re working with a relatively compact space for example, then you can get an oval-shaped backlit mirror to give it that extra sense of flair. However, we’d always recommend getting an asymmetrical mirror if you’ve got the space for one! These playful mirrors have a unique sense of charm, and allow some room for experimentation; since they are open-ended, they don’t have a frame. That means they can be hung however you want them.

(And if you can find low-maintenance, moisture-resistant versions to keep them looking at their very best for longer, all the better!)

An exquisite bathtub for that final touch

Just like your mirror, your bathtub can bring all the difference in the look of your bathroom. Make a statement by getting an ultra-contemporary freestanding bathtub and make it the centrepiece of your bathroom! For example, choose a bathtub that offers some space to hold the hardware; you’d need to place that glass of wine or your mobile phone somewhere, right? If you want to take a minimalist approach on the other hand, then opt for an oval tub along with a subtle or slender faucet.

Alternatively, you can choose a muted black marble bathtub with gold-plated brass accents for a classic touch. Or maybe even a resin bathtub with rolled edges; its curves will certainly give your space a luxurious appeal. If you’re looking to make a bold statement on the other hand, choose a clear glass bathtub – it’s certainly a highly distinctive style!

Those are just a couple of our ideas – you may well have plenty of your own! Your personal space is an extension of who you are; it also shows to what length you take care of yourself. We understand this here at NPM Bathrooms, which is why we take great care in making your designer bathroom a place that provides you with a sense of calm and belonging.

If this blog has helped you make up your mind to get these accessories, then feel free to get in touch with us; we will be more than happy to help you figure out what accessories, fixtures and furniture will be great for you. We will be sure to take note of every little detail and give you a brand-new modern bathroom distinguished by its efficiency, comfort, and luxury.

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