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The 5 biggest mistakes to avoid with your bathroom renovation

Everybody makes mistakes. That’s human nature. When it comes to your bathroom renovation though, unfortunately even small mistakes can end up having big consequences. Picking the wrong fixture, finish or layout are all mistakes that can’t be easily changed without considerable extra time and cost, and so it’s natural to take your time over these sorts of decisions – something our experts are all too happy to help you with in our designer bathroom showroom here at NPM Bathrooms. With our wealth of expertise and years of experience, we can also help you make sure you don’t fall victim to some of the most common bathroom renovation pitfalls!

Not planning in enough storage

Storage is one of those things that might be hard to forget, but it’s unfortunately easy to underestimate! When you’ve worked so hard on the design of your bathroom, it can be disheartening to finish it and find out that it gets quickly cluttered with all the various oils, lotions and toiletries you need to store in there – especially if you prefer a minimalist look!

So when it comes to storage, it’s always best to go slightly overboard, particularly as it then gives you a bit of wiggle room if you ever want to buy more, or if you’re hosting visitors. Good storage is vital for smaller spaces, as it will help preserve the clean lines of their design. Plus, minimising clutter helps to reduce the amount of visual ‘noise’ in your bathroom, helping to keep it a relaxing and tranquil space.

bathroom lighting
Overlooking the lighting

Lighting has such a hugely influential effect on your bathroom, both in terms of how it looks, and crucially, how it allows you and your family to use the space. Lighting that’s too bright can make it seem harsh and uncomfortable, whereas if it ends up being too dim, it can make it annoying and difficult to see what you’re doing. For those reasons alone, we’d always recommend planning in your lighting right from the beginning of your bathroom design project, encompassing general lighting for ambience, as well as specific task lighting for brushing your teeth or applying your makeup. If you’re working on a budget, don’t forget that you can always get creative with budget solutions, like strategically placed candles.

Neglecting the mirror

Just like your lighting, your bathroom mirror has an obvious practical value for your bathroom, but you can also use it to great effect in some more creative ways too – such as using a large mirror to bounce light around a small bathroom, making it appear bigger. Now, when you’re picking out yours – and this might sound obvious – but you’ll want to start by making sure that everyone in the household can use it comfortably. People make this mistake more often than you might think, especially if there are particularly tall teenagers or adults in the house!

It’s more than just a practical fixture though – strategically choosing your bathroom mirror can open up a range of intriguing design possibilities, as we detailed in a recent post. Don’t let it be a missed opportunity!

Choosing incompatible products

This one can be just as much of a nightmare as it sounds. There’s nothing worse than having your heart set on a dream range of fittings or fixtures, only to find they’re incompatible with the type of water system you’ve got in your home. Best case scenario, you’re able to find replacements, but not before a significant amount of lost time and money. Worst case scenario, you’ll have to end up going with something else entirely.

If you’ve ever got doubts along those lines, you can always ask our experts here at NPM Bathrooms, who will help as best we can. It’s also not a bad idea to ask a professional plumber, who will certainly be able to give you a definitive answer – allowing you the peace of mind that you’ll be able to enjoy a bathroom with a stunning functionality to match its beautiful aesthetics.

Forgetting about the full range of options available

Ask someone at random to picture a bathroom, and chances are they’ll immediately imagine a largely white space accented by chrome or silver. And while that remains a classic and widely popular design, don’t forget that there’s no reason you necessarily need to have all (or even any) of those elements in your own designer bathroom. It’s your space, free to mould however you please, so feel free to get creative and think outside the box. Mix and match different colours and finishes, select quirky or unusual tiles, and make a statement with accents. Gold instead of chrome, for example, can create an especially opulent look, or black is a nicely idiosyncratic choice that can add a touch of drama.

And if you need any inspiration along those lines, you’re in exactly the right place! Our wide range of customer bathrooms give you plenty of styles to explore right here on our site, or alternatively you can pop in to our Manchester showroom, where our experts will only be too happy to provide as much or as little advice as you need.

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