The top bathroom design styles in 2020

The top bathroom design styles in 2020

In 2019 customers wanted to recreate boutique hotel bathrooms and bring a slice of the luxury experience into their home. Throughout the year we created a number of luxurious hotel-style bathrooms — this year that’s expected to go further as home-owners seek even more luxurious dream bathrooms more reminiscent of five-star accommodations.

Welcome to the era of the ‘bathroom escape’ and other interesting 2020 bathroom trends you need to see!

Social media luxury

Social media luxury

Modern bathrooms are perfect places to snap the perfect selfie because they often have great lighting, big mirrors, crisp and clean lines. This creates a streamlined look that looks fantastic on your social feeds.

This is going to be even truer in 2020 as we anticipate more home-owners may want ornate bathroom fixtures to create a luxurious bathroom. Styles with bench seating, chandelier lighting, hidden storage, high-tech integrations, and even rainfall showers are sure to top the list of bathroom must-haves.

Country cottage

Country cottage

The country cottage is a popular one and is usually seen as quite a traditional style, however more and more people are requesting a perfect blend of country and modern styles. We think country cottage luxury is definitely going to be big in 2020 complete with deep claw foot bathtubs, exposed bricks and sleek shiny sinks.

Many country bathrooms may include high wall panelling, paired with botanical or intense print wallpaper to create a colourful, timeless space. Additionally, new country cottage bathrooms generally will feature converted chests of drawers into tie in perfectly with the aesthetic of the room and to create ample storage.

Bring home your holiday magic

Hotel-style bathroom

Hotel-style bathrooms are always in high demand because they are sleek, luxurious, and easy to clean. Recreating a hotel look and feel is about creating simple lines, subtly blending textures and incorporating plenty of natural lighting.

One popular option for capturing the hotel-style in your own bathroom involves a design that incorporates floor to ceiling tiles, wall niches for storage, and elegant fixtures. Specific items may include marble or other high-end tiles, glass shower dividers, and statement sinks.

Tranquil spa

Spa Style Bathroom

A spa weekend (or day) can be a perfect way to relax and unwind from normal life. Creating a spa-style bathroom in your home begins by decluttering your space. Part of why spas are appealing is they are quite minimal and luxurious. Minimal spaces with only a few items, all that serve a purpose, gives your mind the ability to instantly relax and can have positive effects on your mental health.

You can easily create a spa-style bathroom incorporating softly textured neutral tiles, a luxurious bathtub, and adding niches for candles (or soaps).

Creating a home retreat is going to be one of the biggest design trends of 2020. And if you need more design inspiration you can easily browse our luxurious customer bathrooms from your device!

If you want to know what’s possible in your bathroom, book a free measure appointment to find out exactly how we can make your bathroom more luxurious. We’re happy to help you create the bathroom of your dreams! So, gather all of your bathroom inspiration pictures from social or from your holidays and we’ll help you turn those ideas into reality.

Alternatively, feel free to visit our showroom where our friendly and experienced designers are on hand to answer your questions with helpful tips and advice — or you can give us a call on 01282 687717.

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