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Why are matte black finishings so popular?

Designer bathrooms are all about blending contemporary trends with timeless design. Fusing traditional elements with innovative style is one of the keys to creating a space that’ll stay relevant for years to come, and matte black is at the very centre of this concept. A modern spin on classic finishes, it’s become a popular choice in bathrooms around the world. But why is it causing such a stir, and could matte black be the right option for your space? Let’s find out.

What is matte black?

As a shade, matte black is exactly the same as black. There are no differences in colour, but there are in the finish. Whilst normal black finishes reflect light and so appear almost glossy, matte black isn’t reflective at all and so has no gloss. There is a slight sheen compared to flat black, but it’s barely noticeable.

Why is matte black so popular?

If you keep an eye on designer bathroom trends (like we do!), you’ll have noticed that matte black is everywhere at the moment. But why do people love it so much? One of the main reasons is simply that it’s different. After so many years of shiny chrome, brass, and stainless steel, it’s refreshing to tone things down with a subtle matte black.

Though, don’t be fooled by its lack of shine – it still packs a punch! Choosing it for your finishes can have a striking effect, adding a little drama to your space. It also compliments other tones very well. Whether you have an all-white bathroom or shocking pink walls, matte black blends in seamlessly as an all-around winner.

What are the benefits of choosing matte black?

Aside from its visual appeal, there are plenty of practical benefits to choosing matte black. It can hide smudges and marks fairly well, making it a prime choice for family bathrooms that see a lot of use. It won’t show watermarks as easily as other finishes, either, and it’s super easy to maintain. If you’re looking for a fuss-free option for your bathroom, matte black is the way to go.

When choosing finishes, matte black is certainly a good option. Contemporary, striking, and easy to clean, it ticks both the practical and aesthetic boxes. But there are plenty more choices out there! If you need help designing your bathroom, our interior experts are here to help.

Get in touch with us to learn more about different finishes and kickstart your bathroom project by calling us on 01282 697717 or dropping us an email at When it comes to your bathroom, we’re always ready to help!

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