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Why are wet rooms taking the UK by storm?

Wet rooms have grown exponentially in their popularity here in the UK in recent years. To be honest, that’s not much of a surprise to us here at NPM Bathrooms. Wet rooms are luxurious, practical, and contemporary – the holy trinity of bathroom design for a lot of people! But what is it about wet rooms specifically that’s made them such a hit with the British public?
We’re here to break it down for you in a bit more detail.

What is a wet room?

Firstly, what exactly are we talking about when we refer to a ‘wet room’? Essentially, they’re open, fully-tiled shower areas which serve as an alternative to more traditional bathroom designs. The absence of a bath opens up a lot of space, which makes it a logical choice for properties where space is at a premium. There’s therefore no need for a shower enclosure, but many people opt to install a glass screen to prevent water from splashing around the room anyway.

That’s the short version! So, what are some of the benefits that a wet room can afford you?

Advantages of a wet room

  • Easy to clean – one of the most practical features that a wet room offers is its low maintenance design. The shower enclosures and bathtubs of traditional bathrooms tend to involve additional cleaning and maintenance tasks that you wouldn’t get with a wet room. By opting for a wet room, you reduce the amount of hard-to-reach spaces created by a shower block, or the underside of a standing bathtub.
  • Very stylish – demand for open plan living has increased over the years. It’s a very common design for modern day kitchens, and this trend has extended itself into the bathroom industry as well. Contemporary features like floor tiles running up the walls can bring a European aesthetic, and it’s a common feature of most wet room designs. Modern, minimalist, and quite frankly, magnificent.
  • Adds value – sleek and luxurious is a popular style choice for a lot of new home buyers. With more traditional designs slowly being phased out in favour of newer styles, the addition of an exquisite wet room can often add value to your property.
  • Opens out small spaces – similarly to open plan kitchens, if you find yourself occupying a property that’s lacking in room, a wet room is great at creating the impression of space, even in the smallest areas. By removing your old shower enclosure and bathtub, you’ll maximise the overall space of your bathroom.

As you can see, there are certainly more than a few factors that have contributed to the rise of the wet room’s popularity.
They’re essentially a stylish, sleek variant of a walk-in shower, and thanks to recent innovations in manufacturing and design, wet rooms have become an increasingly popular choice with many of our customers here at NPM Bathrooms. We work with market leading brands like Merlin and Aquadart, which we use to source and supply consistently high-quality products for our clients, so you can be sure you’re only getting the very best in wet room design.

We’ve got more than 30 years of experience in bathroom design here at NPM, so you can always trust us to step in with plenty of suggestions to bring your bathroom vision to life! Come pay us a visit at our Manchester Road bathroom showroom, or call us on 01282 697717, and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

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