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Inspiring colour schemes to consider for your bathroom this spring

Colours affect the way that we feel, which is one of the key reasons they’re such a key aspect of interior design. Few places is this more true than in the bathroom – this is the room where you get ready for another day, and the room where you can relax and let your worries soak away. Above all, it’s the room where you can be alone with your thoughts, so it’s vital that it has a colour scheme that invigorates and excites you, such as these examples, which are perfect for spring.

Sea blue

Water is at the heart of our bathrooms, so what better colour scheme for the room than pale, sea blue? It’s a subtle colour which evokes both waves lapping our shores and the azure sky overhead, and so the effect of a sea blue colour scheme across your bathroom walls can be to create an area of pure relaxation and serenity. It’s very much an on-trend colour as well, and it’s soothing on the eyes and the senses, which can be particularly welcome when you enter the bathroom in the morning.

Regal purple

Purple has always been a colour associated with royalty, so it can be used to create a crowning glory of a colour scheme in your bathroom. Too light and it can tend towards pink, and too dark a shade can be inappropriate for an area where light is of great importance. Find the right shade, however, and it can add a timeless touch of class and elegance to your bathroom, and this choice can look particularly effective in a bathroom that has lots of metal fittings.


Spring is the season of verdure when we say goodbye to the barren browns of winter and hello to the lush greens of new life. For that reason, it’s a perfect colour for a springtime redecoration of your bathroom, and just as with the blue that we looked at earlier, a lighter, pastel shade can be especially eye-catching and beautiful. Alternatively, shades of dark and then light green in proximity to each other can work incredibly well.

Sunlight yellow

Alongside green, one other colour perfectly encapsulates spring and then its evolution into summer – yellow. Bright, sunlight yellows are known to lift moods, and so they can fill you with the vigour at the start of a new day. Painting the whole bathroom in this colour may be a little too vivid, however, so it’s a good idea to temper it a little by using it alongside calming shades of white.

Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your bathroom or to install a new bathroom from leading experts such as NPM Bathrooms. When you have a perfect bathroom in the perfect colour you’ll enjoy bath times, and mornings, more than ever before. Feel free to experiment with your own favourite colours but remember that whilst bold clashes of colour can be great in other rooms, it’s sometimes best to be a little more subtle in the bathroom.

Our friendly, experienced designers are always on hand if you need any more tips and advice! Why not pay a visit to our bathroom showroom in Burnley, or give us a call on 01282 687717?

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