4 common items that might be taking up unnecessary space in your bathroom

Whatever your choice of style, the perfect designer bathroom is all about function and balance. (Our designers know that just as well as anyone here at NPM Bathrooms!) The trouble is, it’s all too easy for little knick knacks to start piling up on our shelves and sinks, which can undermine the overall effect you’ve worked so hard to create. So, to help you reset to that state of perfect harmony, here are a couple of bits and pieces you might want to think about moving, replacing or throwing away. Trust us, you might be surprised at the effect!

Past their prime bathroom towels

Out with the old, and in with the new! If you’ve got piles of old towels just lying around, don’t hesitate to throw a few of them away. Ideally, you want to try to keep your towel count to a minimum. If you can’t bear to part with them, older towels that have seen better days can make for great shoe cleaners if your footwear finds itself in need of a spruce up. Spare towels can easily be stored in boxes under beds or in airing cupboards if you have them.

Too many toiletries

Shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, shower gels, shaving foams… need we go on? It’s easy to end up with overcrowded bathroom shelves, and clearing them out can be a trickier task than many people give it credit for. To make it easier, try to be as selective and honest as possible about what you use on a daily basis. Items that aren’t used on a regular basis, like spare razors and unopened toothpaste, can all be stored elsewhere until the time comes for you to use them.

Like toiletries, perfumes and aftershaves that are only used on special occasions can often take up valuable bathroom space. They also have a tendency to break down more quickly if they’e exposed to steam heat, so it’s probably best to keep them in the bedroom!


Break up with make-up

This might be a good one for you, ladies (and some of you gents too!) Many of us are always adding to our make-up collections – but much like the toiletries we discussed above, this collection can all too easily grow to the point where your sink is barely recognisable underneath all those products!

If that situation sounds familiar, you might want to consider some smart storage ideas like a functional bathroom cabinet/mirror combo, or an under sink storage unit to utilise the empty space underneath. Both of which can be tailored to fit in with any design, however lavish or modest.

Down with disposable decor

Be honest, how often have you said this to yourself – “That would look really nice in the bathroom!”. If the answer is ‘fairly often’, or you think your bathroom is weighed down by an overabundance of ‘cute little ornaments’ and random knick knacks, then you might want to look at moving those out too. (One ceramic duck is enough, you don’t need a whole family!)

If your decorations aren’t adding to your space in a practical way, it’s time to consider things that serve a more functional purpose, as well as being aesthetically pleasing, like an over the door hair tool holder which keeps all your daily products in order, or a flexible shower caddy to store all your toiletries. (The ones you’re currently using!)

In need for a little more specific inspiration? No problem – that’s where we can help. Here at NPM Bathrooms we’ve got more than 30 years of experience in bathroom design, so you can always trust us to step in with plenty of suggestions to bring your bathroom vision to life! Come pay us a visit at our Manchester Road showroom, or call us on 01282 697717, and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

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