4 luxurious ideas for your large bathroom

If you’re fortunate enough to have a large bathroom space, it’s fairly common to become a little overwhelmed by the sheer wealth of possibilities that you can incorporate! We’re here to help – here at NPM Bathrooms, we’ve been bringing people’s luxury bathroom ideas to life for nearly 40 years! In that time, we’ve completed a variety of projects at varying sizes and scales. We’ll never shy away from a challenge!

All this experience has given us a unique insight into exactly what you can do to make your large bathroom the absolute pinnacle of luxury. So, whether you’re planning a more functional family bathroom, or a spa-like retreat to unwind in – here’s a few ideas to help inspire you in your pursuit of the perfect luxury bathroom!

Freestanding bath

In the vast majority of cases, the bath is often the centrepiece of the entire room. It’s a fantastic launch point from which to tailor the design of your bathroom around, and there are plenty of designs that you can choose from here at NPM.

Choose from a range of exquisite designs that each invoke their own unique style and mood. You can embrace the modern with sleek white gloss finishes or celebrate enduring classics with a more bold, and robust look. Either way, your bath needs to be the element from which you build your entire aesthetic from.

Whether you choose to make your bath the centre of the room or perhaps position it more to the side beneath a feature window, a freestanding bath makes for an excellent centrepiece.

Mark out your zones

When you’re negotiating a large space, it can be tempting to design it with each component spread apart from the next. All that additional floor space can be extremely useful, but it’s also very easy to unintentionally make your room appear empty.

Separate your bathroom into zones that section off the different spaces in your bathroom. Consider implementing things like stud walls, wooden dividers, and glass screens to stylishly zone off the different areas of your large bathroom. A fantastic way to make the most out of your large space, while also adding an extra element of privacy – we’d highly recommend you consider zoning!

Vary your colours and textures

Here at NPM, we offer a delightful range of bathroom tiles to suit any style, but these aren’t the only way that you can bring a rich variety off colours and textures to your designer bathroom!
Mix up your tiling with wallpaper and waterproof paint, and the varied surfaces will break up what can potentially be quite a harsh and open space with a softer injection of material.

You’ve probably heard the saying that whiter, brighter colours are the best way to make a smaller room appear bigger. Well, larger bathrooms like yours can afford to be a bit more bold and daring with their colour scheme, without compromising the spacious feel, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

Large vanity units

If you’ve got the space, you can also create a brilliantly practical family bathroom that’s perfect for households with multiple occupants. Large vanity units can be designed with two sinks, which is ideal for both couples and families where more than one person uses the bathroom. They’re also great for storing handy items like towels, soaps, cosmetics, and spare bathroom cleaning products.

Whatever your personal preferences on the style of your large designer bathroom, whether you prefer a sleek, contemporary look, or a more cosy, rustic feel – we’re here to help make your dream bathroom a reality at NPM Bathrooms. Take a look at our customer bathrooms online or come down to our bathroom showroom on Manchester Road. Say hello to our team of experts if you pop by, and be sure to ask them any questions you might have about bathroom design. We’re always happy to help!

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