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Our top tips for buying bathroom tiles

Designer bathrooms are all about the details. From the finishes on your taps to the style of your lighting, every choice you make comes together to create the perfect space. One of the most crucial details to get right, though, are your bathroom tiles. Your tiles can make or break your bathroom, adding colour, shape, and texture to your space. Ensure that yours work to tie your interior together with these top tips.

Know your materials

Usually, bathroom tiles are made from porcelain. This is an extremely hard-wearing material that’s easy to clean and deals very well with water, making it a popular choice. Marble and stone are also stylish options, though neither of these generally wear quite as well as porcelain. Stone, in particular, can discolour slightly over time when it’s frequently exposed to water. Many people like this look, though, enjoying the natural watermarks that create a unique tile.

Consider the size of your space

If space is at more of a premium in your bathroom, you’ll want tiles that work with the room you have. We’d recommend sticking to smaller sizes which can create an illusion of space and are far easier to install. You should also be aware of over-tiling. Tiling all of your walls, for example, could be a little overbearing, whilst leaving one free can open your space up.

Choosing your bathroom tile colour

Colour is perhaps the most difficult choice you’ll face when choosing a tile. No matter the material, size, or style, colour can transform the tile you’re choosing as well as your bathroom. Choosing a neutral tile is the safest bet. White and slate grey are common choices that fit in most spaces and create a blank canvas for decorating.

However, tiles can also become the focal point of a bathroom and add a splash of colour. Emerald green, turquoise, or even a patterned tile can all bring personality to your space and lift the mood in the room. Just be sure to position your tiles carefully, breaking them up with areas of neutral colour to avoid overwhelming the eye.

Can you use the same tiles everywhere?

If you use a patterned or boldly colour tile, we’d recommend avoiding an all-over look. However, if you’ve opted for a more neutral style, some bathrooms really suit a head-to-toe tile. You can use the same tiles on the floor and the wall, creating a cosy, contemporary look. This works particularly well in medium-sized bathrooms, though be careful to keep the decor minimal to avoid a cluttered space.

Tiles are often a must when creating a designer bathroom, offering both practical and aesthetic advantages. These are just some of the recommendations we have when choosing yours, but there’s plenty more to learn! If you need help selecting the right tiles for your bathroom, get in touch with our experts by calling us on 01282 697717 or dropping us an email at When it comes to your bathroom, we’re always ready to help!

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